About Us

Established in 2004, Heze Fangming Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (formerly Shandong Central Asia Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.) is located in the High-tech Development Zone of Heze City in Shandong Province. Shandong Central Asia Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd changed its name to "Heze Fangming Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd" in July 2010 as a subsidiary of Shandong Fangming Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. With advanced technologies and high quality, our company is a specialized manufacturer of second-generation macrolide antibiotics, which are well sold in South Korea, Pakistan, India, Syria and other countries.
Insisting on such general idea of "scale operation, normative development", adhering to such strategic policy of "expanding business on the basis of excellent quality, going to the world", taking "high standards, precision, zero defect" as goal and abiding by this business philosophy of "creating health, sharing life", our company is committed to the development and production of high-grade, precise and advanced medical products to Improve people's quality of life.
We now have 39,000 square meters of buildings, including 18,000 square meters of synthetic plant, 5,500 square meters of multi-functional warehouse, 1000 square meters dangerous goods warehouse and 4,500 square meters of solvent recovery plant. The annual capacity of main products: 200 tons of clarithromycin, 100 tons of azithromycin and 200 tons of roxithromycin.
Combining with years of production experience, our company actively explores energy-saving, environment-friendly and clean production process of APIs. Up to now, we have mastered a number of scientific and feasible technologies (such as screening pollution-free solvents, utilization ratio improvement, loss reduction, the use of advanced technology, etc.), and we rank the leading position of this industry for the clean production of APIs. To get better technical supports for our R & D and production, our company has established long-term technical relations of cooperation with Beijing Institute of Technology, Nanjing University of Technology and other universities.

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